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Whilst Kin House is set in the beautiful Cotswolds, Uber is not. It is therefore essential to plan ahead and pre-book taxis.

Local taxi companies and the Veezu App (Uber/Addison Lee for the countryside) are listed below and all take advanced bookings. If you are getting the train into Chippenham, the taxi rank outside the station can help you out.


We want to make sure that our guests aren't left waiting around after a great party or worse, asking the bride and groom for taxi numbers on their wedding night...

Thursday 13 June

Welcome dinner begins at Kin House at 18:00

For guests who have been invited to our welcome dinner, please make your own way there (parking available on site).

Thursday 13 June

Welcome dinner concludes at 22:00

You will need to pre-book a taxi using one of the local companies or on the Veezu app.

Friday 14 June

Arrive at Kin House at 14:45

Make your own way there (parking available on site).

Friday 14 June

Wedding party concludes at 00:00

Please pre-book a taxi back to your hotel / AirBnb if needed using a local company or Veezu (app/online)


russell's taxis

01249 400 100

jj's taxis

01249 446 436

chippenham taxi

01249 250 250

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